Hi! I created Hastings Cottage Designs in 2018 after making banners for two family weddings last year, Katherine & Cameron’s in May, and Andreas & Loren’s in December. Guests asked about the banners and wondered if I’d be making others. Those inquiries got me to thinking… so, I started searching on social media sites, and discovered there’s not another similar product out there.

A little backstory… I’d spent more than a decade in the late 90s and early 2000s, as the owner/designer of The Colorweaver, creating high-end, custom Irish Dance costumes for dancers all over the United States. I loved working with my customers, turning their dreams into reality. Since each dress was made with unique fabrics, as well as designs, I often joked my second home was in the fabric district of downtown Los Angeles.  As stated by John Malkovich, “I’m a little bit of a fabric lunatic.”

The specialty techniques I developed over those years, gave me the skills needed to create the wedding banners. The below gallery features a sampling of my Colorweaver dresses, each a unique work of art.

~Susan Meyer, Owner/Designer Susan, Temecula 2015