Seaside Tiny Pins

Introducing a new product line just in time for the hot days of summer… seaside themed Tiny Pins! These pins are made from several layers of various fabrics, providing depth and texture variety; the fabric is specially stiffened to give a hard touch; finish is matte although some back-layer fabrics are shiny; pin reverse is finished and completed with a backing appropriate to the size of the Tiny Pin. Sizes and types of pin back are listed below. Pin back #1 can be swapped with a #3 upon request.Seaside Tiny Pins

Pin numbers 6, 9, 11 are approximately 3/4″ across ; pin back #3.

Pin numbers 2, 5, 7, 8  are approximately 1″ across; pin back #3.

Pin number 3, 4 are approximately 1.5″ across; pin back #3

Pin numbers 1, 4, 10, 12 are approximately 1.75″ tall  or across; pin back #2

Pin Backs

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