Month: June 2018

I Want THAT Wedding – TLC’s new show!

Andreas (my son) and Loren’s beautiful Downton Abbey / Titanic themed wedding set at Christmastime on the Queen Mary was featured on TLC’s new TV show “I Want THAT Wedding”, in Season 1, Episode 2!

It was quite a process for them to be chosen for the show. Their month-of coordinator, Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events, was contacted by the show’s producers, asking for a themed wedding. Andreas and Loren then went through quite an extensive interview process before being chosen. Their guests were required to sign a release, and we all hoped the show would be flattering to everyone, and most important, to the grooms!

We excitedly gathered this past Saturday night for a viewing party, and were so happy (and relieved!) as we watched. The show turned out great, everyone looked fabulous, and for me, it was extra cool because they gave a shout-out to the archway banner!!  ~Susan

More Tiny Pins!

Production has been ramped up to the max with dozens of Tiny Pins in various stages of completion. Wine Themed Tiny Pins are great for that visit to the wineries, bridesmaid gifts, and bachelorette party gifts!! Be sure to check back… more pics coming soon! ~Susan


Tiny Pins!

A new product line, and page, has been added to the website : Tiny Pins  More coming soon!

Susan wearing Tiny Pin

Susan wearing Tiny Pin