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Three Banners, Three Styles

While planning your wedding, expect to read, hear and be asked about your theme and style. Will you have a rustic wedding, outdoors, Boho, formal, or beach? I just read about the Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas on Bridal Guide. Most couples will lean toward a particular style or two, to be narrowed down once the venue is chosen. Or, the venue is chosen first and the style becomes quickly obvious.

I’ve been working on some new banners, each unique in style. They’re not nearly finished, but I thought you might like a sneak peak from the design studio and see the variety of fabrics, colors, and styles available. The photo shows just a section of each banner, not the full design. The top one when measures 8″ x 33″, the bottom two are 8″ x 48″.¬† Which is your style? ~SusanThree Banners, Three Styles

Wedding Arches on The Knot

The Knot is a popular wedding planning site, offering lots of information for couples. I did a search on the site for wedding arches and discovered 81 pages with 1,861 photos of wedding ceremony arches. While I didn’t view each and every page, I did look at several dozen, and guess what, not a single custom banner to be seen! There are endless beautiful floral treatments, draped fabrics, and such, but really nothing heirloom-quality, or what would be a keepsake. All those beautiful flowers? Most likely tossed out with the leftovers, or onto the compost heap following the wedding. Maybe a few are dried for the memory book. And, that’s the reasoning behind Hastings Cottage Designs Banners! The couple will have something left from their special moment, the ceremony. The banner can later be used as wall decor, a table runner… kept for posterity. ~Susan¬†Katherine and Cameron (4)

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